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tooele Divorce

Who gets what, when and how can be a difficult proposition when dealing with property. Issues involving custody, child support, maintenance / alimony are of even greater importance than property division. Wondering what legal rights you may have in the event of divorce?  Have Let Integrity Law's Utah divorce attorneys help.


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Tooele Utah Estate Plan Solutions


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tooele Estate Planning

You have worked hard for what you own and deserve to know your intentions upon death will be carried out as you desire. Drafting a valid will is an essential step in end of life planning though a living trust is often beneficial in avoiding the hassles of  Utah probate. Wondering if you need help with probate, making a valid Utah will or living trust? Ask yourself if not now, when? Let Integrity Law's Utah probate and estate planning attorneys assist you.

tooele Employment

Work is hard enough without dealing with harassment and discrimination from co-workers and supervisors. If one is a member of a protected class and have suffered from severe or pervasive acts that create a hostile environment or have been terminated from your employment based on your protected class you may have a good legal claim.  Let Integrity Law's Utah employment attorneys help you find out.

tooele Business

Small business owners face an ongoing balance between paying employees, bills and material expenses while turning a profit. When legal issues arise and margins are slim, it is important to have a Utah business attorney that has your back and not your pocket book.  Wondering if your business could benefit from formal structuring, contracts review or employment disputes? Let Integrity Law's Utah business attorneys assist you.

tooele Bankruptcy

Hospital bills, job loss, credit cards and deficiency judgments frequently lead to bankruptcy In difficult economic times, a chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy can give families a fresh financial start. Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy each have income qualifications and state specific exempt property. Wondering if you qualify for bankruptcy? Let Integrity Law's Utah bankruptcy attorneys help you find out.

Estate Planning

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tooele Eviction

You just want the renters to leave and have tried to avoid the hassle of Utah's eviction laws but they will not leave. Who knew that renting out a few properties could come with such a headache. Which notice do I give the tenants to notify them they have violated the terms of our agreement? How long will the eviction take before I can get my properties back?  Let Integrity Law's Utah unlawful detainer and eviction attorneys assist you.

“My wife and I recently met Bryan Cowley and asked for his assistance in building our family trust. Bryan was very responsive, listened to our wishes and proceeded to put together a solid estate plan. Bryan even took time out of his busy weekend to meet with us in our home to wrap up details of our trust. Bryan is not only professional but he is a very down to earth individual. Bryan communicates well and is easy to understand. Bryan speaks at a level that does not leave you confused or doubting what he is trying to convey. We really enjoyed his wit and sense of humor as we got to know him better. If you need an attorney who you can trust to get the job done accurately and timely, We strongly recommend Bryan M. Cowley Attorney at Law.”

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​​Integrity Law was founded with integrity as our guiding principle. By holding steadfast to our values, beliefs, and principles, we safeguard the trust and integrity of our clients. Indeed, at Integrity Law we believe our guiding principle is instrumental to providing quality legal solutions to problems faced by individuals, families and local businesses.

tooele Personal injury

You  drive the speed limit, are aware of your surroundings and in an instant your life is changed by an injury caused by the carelessness and negligent act of another driver. As you recover from your injury, your personal injury case should be handled by a personal injury attorney that personally handles  your case. Wondering if you have an injury case?    Let Integrity Law's Utah personal injury attorneys help you find out.

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Tooele Estate Planning Attorney

Utah general practice

Whether you need Utah guardianship of an incapacitated adult or need help negotiating a small claims recovery, Integrity Law has helped clients in a broad range of issues that are too expansive and unique to be listed on our website. If you are looking for a law office that is established on the principle of integrity but are unsure if we can help you please feel free to call us. If we can't help you we'll help refer you to a law office that can.

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