Dog Bites are a terrifying and traumatic event regardless of one’s age and can cause long-lasting physical and emotional scars and loss of income due to the inability to work. If you or someone you love has been bitten by a dog we can help you recover the compensation you need.

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Pedestrian & Bystander accidents caused by the negligence and carelessness of motor vehicle operators can break limbs, cause brain injuries broken bones, and permanently disable. When dealing with pedestrian accidents it is important to understand whether or not the pedestrian was crossing a highway or attempting to cross the street against a sign. Time of day, weather and visibility also factor into hitting an individual who is in the street. We can help you secure compensation for the injuries you sustained in a pedestrian accident.

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Motorcyclists understand the risks associated with riding and have a right to compensation when injured in an accident. Motorcycles provide inadequate protection from accidents, which may result in death, disability, disfigurement, brain injuries, and broken bones. We can help you secure compensation for the injuries you sustained in a motorcycle accident.

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Utah Trip Slip & Fall

Slip, Trip & Falls are distressing, painful, and cause extreme discomfort and injury to not only the individual who fell but also those who depend on the individual. Often a corporation, landowner, or homeowner denies responsibility for the injury and ignores their role in the matter, which is where Integrity Law, PC can help. If you or someone else you love has slipped, tripped, or been injured, let us help you recover the compensation you and your love ones are owed.

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Trucks can cause significant damage to others on the road solely based on their large size and hazardous contents. Truck accidents often include large pile-ups and roadblocks that often create additional accidents and injuries. Further, the trucking industry must abide by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (49 C.F.R. §§350-359). We can help you secure compensation for the injuries you sustained in a truck accident.

It seems like every day there is another car accident on the I-80 on-ramp in Lake Point or a fender bender with injuries in Tooele or Stansbury Park. As a local law firm, Integrity Law is a law firm not a law factory and provides individualized attention to you as you recover from your injuries. 

What's more, if you or a child gets bitten by a dog the dog owners need to be held legally accountable for the damages and pain and suffering caused by their dog. You deserve to be compensated for your injuries. 

Accidents happen and you are hurt. You might be careful while others are careless. You are injured, and unfortunately, others including insurance companies do not have your best interests at heart. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident you may be entitled to compensation for Doctor bills, rehabilitation, and lost income by bringing a legal claim against the responsible parties. At Integrity Law, we gather evidence, work with experts to understand the cause of your accident and will bring a claim against the responsible parties. At Integrity Law, a Utah Personal Injury Lawyer, will fight for your legal rights in car, truck, motorcycle, pedestrian & by-stander, dog-bite, and slip, trip and fall cases.

The following are some personal injury practice areas:

 Utah Car Accidents

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Getting hit and injured in a car accident can be an extremely scary, painful, and life altering event. Regardless of how careful one may be, drunken (DUI), distracted, inattentive, or careless drivers cause injuries to Utah drivers every day. Common Utah car crashes involve alcohol, drug, hit and run, rear end, head on, rollover, truck, motorcycle, pedestrian, speeding, or traffic violations. If you were in an accident that was not your fault, let Integrity Law, PC get you the compensation you need for the injuries you sustained in your car accident.